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These are some of the kinds of things I have done or am wiling to do. Have an idea that's not mentioned here? No problem! E-mail me, describe to me what you have in mind, and I'll be more than happy to work with you.

I. Weddings:
--slideshow, "Their Story" (birth-present)
--video presentation based on video shot at the ceremony

II. Holiday/Special Event
--slideshow, pertinent pictures
--video presentation based on video shot at the event

III. Training Video
--various elements shot and edited as needed
--narration where needed

IV. Tribute
--slideshow, "The Golden Days"
--video montage

VI. Photo Fixing
*Naz'03 Specialty*
--retouch and enhancement, sharpening of blurred pictures, and more complicated special effects (i.e. replacing the background)

VII. Virtual Sets
--if you can provide a good sampling of pictures of the set you want me to build, I can most likely do it for you
--in the past I've mostly done gameshow sets, but this would also be a useful tool for homemakers to visualize how various configurations might look
--these usually take a decent amount of time to build and perfect, so you'll have to be patient as I make refinements